Crème Brûlée with the family

I just got off Skype with my family…a whole bunch of family. It was my family on my Dad’s side, they all went out to King’s Buffet for my Grandpa’s birthday and then back to my Aunt Deanna and Uncle Tony’s house and that’s when we talked. It was 3pm there when we started. I actually missed the first two calls because we were finishing an episode of ‘Chuck’. I gave them some info about what I’ve done and a tour of the house. They had the computer hooked up to the TV, so I can only imagine how big my head looked…

Greg brought me in some crème brûlée, but warned my not to eat it right away because it was trés, trés chaud. Eventually I tried it (I didn’t want it to get cold) and they were teasing me about eating in front of them. They wanted to try some so I held it up in front of my webcam. It is very, very sweet. I think I need some milk now.

This afternoon we went to Sybille’s house for goûter to celebrate Charles’ birthday. Lots of cake and sweet stuff then too. I think I’ve had enough sweet stuff to last me a week! But it’s all worth it. I will definitely have something interesting to write about next Saturday (at least interesting for me and other choir lovers out there). Jean-Go and Adeline’s Dad is in a choir (they have a couple of CD’s out) and they have a concert next Saturday night. I’m going with Sybille. I’m quite excited! If I didn’t have my French class Monday nights I would be able to sing with him, but alas, my schedule does not permit that.

It was neat, the family Skype chat. There were some family there I wasn’t expecting, but I guess it makes sense because it’s a pretty important birthday my Grandpa is celebrating. I won’t announce it here though…tee hee hee. We sang Happy Birthday in French for him (Adeline, Greg, and I), but they made us do it again because they wanted to record it! I also think a few people were taking pictures of the TV…my Dad’s family is photo-trigger happy, but you gotta love ’em for it. Especially since we’ll have all kinds of pictures to remember things by! If I ever become famous I’ll be totally used to constant flashes of light….I’ve had 25 years of preparation!

Anywho…I need to take out my contacts, things are starting to get blurry. In other (great) news, my parents and sister have booked their plane tickets. They fly in July 22. I might just start a countdown…I’m just a little excited. Yes I miss them, of course, but I’m just excited to show them around and to be able to share everything with them. I feel like the last (almost) 2 months have gone by both really slow and really fast. The year will be up before I know it, which makes me sad and happy. Sad because it will be the end to a great and wonderful experience and happy because all in all, I’m a Canadian girl at heart and there’s a part of me that misses home…but not a very big part yet!

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  1. Sandra

     /  February 22, 2011

    Mom & Dad thought being able to talk to you via Skype was very cool, and kept asking me if I had Skype or not. (I don’t, but also the microphone on my laptop is broken, and I have been too lazy to go out and buy an auxiliary one).

    They mentioned nothing about the size of your head, but they did talk about the conversation and the singing and everything else.

    (Also, I may not comment a lot but I read your blog every day! I love reading about your days in Belgium. They make me long for another Euro vacation!)

    • Wow! Thanks for reading every day! It makes it all worth while. I know that most webcams now-a-days have microphones in them, so even if the one on your laptop is broken, if you got a webcam you could Skype. Although, with the time change sometimes it’s hard to chat. It usually takes planning. I know I emailed my Mom earlier that day and said I would check my mail later, could she please email me back confirming the call. She must not have checked that day, because there was no email for me! I was actually watching TV with Greg and Adeline when they first tried to call (Lisa sent me a text, but my phone wasn’t one me). As soon as the episode was over I checked my computer. I think they called earlier than originally planned too.

      Anyway, thanks again for reading. When I have the energy I try to make it as entertaining as possible. I figure if people are going to take the time to read what I have to say, I should try to make it as worthwhile as possible!


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