Henri Des

Today Bastien (with Adeline and her Mom) went to a Henri Des concert. He’s a singer of children’s songs and has been around since Adeline was a kid. He seemed pretty excited about it. Greg spent from 11-7 helping paint his friend’s new apartment in Brussels. So I was with Sylvain while Adeline and Bastien were at Little Gym and again tonight when they went to the concert.

So, not much happened today. Sylvain was his regular cute self, except for the crying, but he’s a baby, what can you do. He has the most amazing facial expressions. It’s hilarious to watch him. There’s always lots of slobber, but that’s not hard to clean up. And his cuteness makes up for that. I hear that it’s getting warmer in Ontario…up to 9 degrees! It’s getting warmer here to. I’m not sure of the temperature, but there are flowers up and blooming in the flower bed already. At least 7, maybe more.

Also, all is well now with Bastien’s mouffles. I think that’s how you spell it. They are his mittens. They’re attached to an elastic in his jacket, but one broke the other day at school! Adeline fixed them and they now have a new elastic and work very well, so he won’t lose them. Crisis averted.

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