My new identity…..card

Today I read through some more Narnia. I even laughed out loud at one part…but I can’t remember which. The understanding came partly from already knowing the story, and partly from knowing the French. Go me. Today when we went to pick up Bastien, I stopped in at the Commune (City Hall) to pick up my new Identity Card. It’s a card that everyone has (I believe once you’re 12 you need one) and you must have it on you at all times. So now that I have that I don’t need to have my passport on my when I go do every day things (like class, a walk, kid pick-up). On the way back we stopped in at the little grocery store and picked up a couple of books Adeline had ordered. One was a book for cooking with kids, for kids, with lots of colourful pictures. The other was Cooking for Dummies for me. I’m excited about it. We’ll see how well it works and if I’ll be a decent cook by the time I get home. Mom, I’ll try to make you proud. I do plan on making a Thanksgiving dinner…or trying to. Mainly, it’s for the stuffing. Even though they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, I thought it would be neat to at least try it. Pie and everything. I have it on excellent authority that I will be great at making pie crust. Thank you Grandma Doris.

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