What did I do today?

Ok. I just had a total blank on my day. Weird. I think I’m going crazy. Nah, I’m just messing with you. Well, we got Bastien ready for school and then I got Sylvain ready for the babysitter’s. I read part way through a French comic. It’s a good way to learn, you know, with the pictures and stuff. Picked Sylvain up from the babysitter’s at lunch. Came back home. Went grocery shopping with Adeline. Then we picked Bastien up from school. So now the teachers know who I am and that I will be picking him up.  It’s a nice little walk, not too long for him.

Does anyone remember that Zucchini soup Adeline made a while back ? Well, I made it tonight. She was there saying yes or no (for the ingredients…I have a bad memory), and Bastien put the cut up zucchini in the pot, but I physically did everything else. I told you it was easy! If I can do it anyone can. And it was edible, so there.

That’s all for today folks. Hope you can still see above the snow…..

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