To scare or not to scare?

This morning was Bastien’s first day of school! He got to choose between two hats; do you remember the ‘hat that makes afraid’? It was a choice between his green monster hat or the Canuck toque I brought. He chose the Canuck. Also, he does this little dance from side to side (with his whole body) to make the pom-pom move. It’s very cute. Only thing is, this morning it didn’t move! That’s because Adeline fixed it because it was coming off. And an immovable pom-pom is better than no pom-pom!

He only went for the morning today and  after lunch, but before he went for his nap, Bastien showed us this game he made up. A-ta-ta…that’s  how it sounds when he says it. Basically you lift one leg up (high, not so high, it changes sometimes) and then you fall. And usually after he fell there was a lot of rolling around on the carpet and squirming and stuff. Then he’d get back up and do it again. Picture a sumo wrestler when they get ready to wrestle; then do that leg lift thing. Well, instead of lifting both legs, one after the other, with Bastien’s game it’s just one leg.

It sounds like Bastien had a good time at school. They did bricolage (crafts/colouring/etc.), dancing, snack time. It sounds like he’s going to like it. He’s so very cute with Sylvain too. The noises Sylvain makes are kind of like ‘argh-e’. I don’t know how to spell it out. The International Phonetic Alphabet (a.k.a. IPA) would make it much easier, but I don’t know how to get the symbols on here and not all of you reading would necessarily know how they’re pronounced anyway. I only know because I was a vocalist in University. So Bastien will come up to Sylvain and say ‘argh-e Sylvain, argh-e’, while touching him softly or hugging him. It’s so adorable. And then when he does make a noise Bastien will say ‘Sylvain dit argh-e!’

So I’ve been 25 for a month now. Despite the grandness of that number, I don’t feel any different. I just look back and think ‘oh my goodness…I started high school more than 10 years ago.’ It’s sort of strange to think of where I am now versus where I thought I’d be now 10 years ago. Did that make sense? It makes sense in my head. I’m not sure when this post turned into a retrospective look at my life, but there you go. I guess in reality I’ve done so much in the last 10 years, it just doesn’t feel like it. Oh how time has flown…

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