Rapunzel? Or Tangled?

Either way I want to see the movie. Not much to report today. I went to the Friterie to get fries for supper tonight (all by myself!). It’s just down the street. And of course Sylvain is as adorable  – and chatty – as ever.

So today I spent some time on my old friend Computer. I would say it moves glacially slow, but with global warming, these days, glaciers are melting pretty fast! Faster than my computer at any rate. It’s had a good run. 4.5 years now, and as I understand it, for a general run-of-the-mill (non-mac) computer, that’s decent. I was doing some ‘research’ on Zachary Levi (Chuck Bartowski in ‘Chuck’) just to see what else he’s been in. Turns out he is the voice of Flynn Rider in ‘Tangled’. Also, he has an amazing singing voice! He sings a duet with Mandy Moore in ‘Tangled’ and he also sings a duet with Katharine McPhee called ‘Terrified’. It’s an awesome song. He’s pretty cute, but I will say I’m almost more attracted to his voice than his looks (tee hee hee). I have a new celebrity crush (:b). I haven’t had one in a while so I would say I’m due.

Last night after writing my post I watched the movie Avatar: The Last Airbender with Adeline and Greg. I also tried a peach flavoured beer called Peach Mel Bush. I have a couple of pics, but I don’t feel like hooking up my camera at the moment, so I will post them some other time.

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  1. Oh! Right. Now I know exactly what you’re taking about. And yes, it was bad. Some of the dialogue you just want to say ‘someone got PAID to write this?’. And Greg actually has the cartoon on his computer so I can watch it. And they did tell me it was really good.

  2. Rebecca

     /  February 10, 2011

    I haven’t seen that yet, but i heard it was really bad. There is a cartoon tv show version of it, which is amazing. I’d suggest watching it online, but if your computer is slow that may not go over the best 😦


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