What nice weather we’re having.

You know what’s great in the mornings? Besides breakfast. Not much, I know. I used to really be a morning person, I wonder what happened. I guess it depends really. I’d rather work really early than really late. Although sometimes really early can translate into really late depending on the hours. Anyway, it’s great to get a hug and a little kiss (besou….I’m not sure I’m spelling that right) from Bastien before him and Greg leave. It’s very sweet.

Also, Bastien starts school on Friday! So the schedule will change a little, but that’s no problem. Today I watched Sylvain while Adeline went to do some things in Louvain-la-Neuve. He’s a very squirmy baby. Sometimes it’s hard to hold him, but when he falls asleep in your arms, there isn’t much in this world cuter than that.

After I brought Bastien home we went outside to play. It was actually quite balmy outside today. Nice and comfortable. Bastien has this little bike that he pushes with his feet. It’s too small for him, but when we got him on the slightly bigger one, he didn’t quite grasp the idea of the pedals. It has a long handle on it for someone to push from behind, but sometimes his feet would slip off and get in the way of the pedals. It’s going to be so nice this spring and summer when we can be out there more.

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