Another day, another destiny…

Sorry about that. The title just came to me randomly. The words are – of course – lyrics to a musical theatre number. I believe it’s called ‘One Day More’ from Les Miserables……..*Insert Jeopardy theme music here*………… I was right! YouTube and the world-wide web are great resources, just thought I’d point that out.

So Sylvain was up at 1am and 6am so Adeline was pretty tired this morning. I offered to take care of the Sylvain for her so she could sleep. After all, that’s what I’m here for! I had to give him some medicine and I fed him, other than that we chatted for a bit (I’m fluent in baby-talk, FYI) and he slept.

Also, I’m making my way trough season 2 of 4 of the show ‘Chuck’. It is my new favourite show. A spy show. It’s basically a mix of all the spy clichés possible put into one show. It’s kind of half comedy/half drama….maybe 60%-40% with the comedy coming out the winner. The show’s lead character Chuck provides comic relief in the face of danger and certain death (which never actually comes because his CIA and NSA handlers Sarah and Casey always save the day). I digress.

I see I have a couple comments! I shall sign off now so I can go read them. As far as my French class goes it was par for the course, nothing too unusual. We’re up two new members again. That means that when everyone is in attendance there are 14 of us! We’ve doubled in size since I joined.

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  1. Rebecca

     /  February 8, 2011

    After chuck watch scrubs, it’s nine seasons long and it is honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever watched.

    • I’ve actually seen a couple episode year’s ago. I’m not sure if they have it, but if they do it will go on my list of shows to watch. Thanks.


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