So I was mistaken yesterday. Sylvain is at the hospital again tonight. He’s hit a plateau, no better, but no worse. Of course you all know what the word means so that explanation was completely unnecessary. Today I went into Hannut, the town where I take my French course. But I went further than I have gone before (by myself anyway). I had to go buy a new Pay&Go card for my cell phone. So now it works again! It took me a little while to find where I was going because their streets signs are horrible….meaning I couldn’t see them. They were either very small or non-existent. I’m going with very small and placed in places I wouldn’t look. 🙂

Tomorrow everyone’s getting together for lunch in Louvain-la-Neuve at Adeline’s Mom’s house. So at least that will give me something so I don’t bore you all to death :P. My Aunt pointed out to me that years down the road I will find this interesting because it will be all these little details that I forget. Which is true, my memory is already not what it used to be. Or I’m just making excuses. I’m not sure which in this case.

Happy Saturday! 😀

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