The thing about cats is…

Actually, this post is not going to be about cats. I was just really hard up for a title and thought of Shanga, Adeline’s lovely cat. She spent most of today outside, I think, but when she is in and you’re watching tv she loves to cuddle!

Anyway, nothing much to report today. One more night at the hospital for Sylvain.

Also, although I didn’t go outside today it seems that it was/is very windy. Thought that might be interesting to point out. Of course it isn’t, I’m just trying to take up space with complete nonsense! It’s what I do best.

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  1. Adeline

     /  February 7, 2011

    just to say that the cat in not getting outside durring the day.
    It’s just stay sleeping up my bed.
    Durring the summer, It’s sleeping under the shadow of a plant outside. but now it’s too cold. it’s a verry Lazy cat!!!!!!

    • Ah! Thus solves the mystery of the absent cat. I guess she works up quite an appetite while sleeping then because every morning she’s always crying for food! I try and say ‘people before cats Shanga’, but the whole talking thing (no matter what language) kind of gets in the way.

  2. Rebecca

     /  February 4, 2011

    Hey holly! My friend was making fun of me today at school. He said I had OCD haha! Also I still really like reading your blogs! I really look forward to reading them 🙂

    • That’s because you do have OCD. 😛 Did you tell him that somewhere, deep, deep inside he has OCD tendencies as well? We all do…
      Tell him that he can’t make fun of you or he’ll have me to deal with…in 11 months. I’ll go all French insult up in his biznaz! I could be telling him that potatoes smells like pretty flowers and hummingbirds have fish tails and he will think I’m ripping him a new one because of my tone of voice. Oh yes. I will be your protector…when I get back :P.


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