Skype is a wonderful thing…most of the time.

And so ends the first month of this year of our Lord two-thousand and eleven. I didn’t really do much today except go to French class. I’m getting a little more comfortable in it and with the people. It seems like every class there’s someone new, so I’m no longer ‘the new one’. I’m the only native English speaker and there are 3 other girls who are the only one’s to speak their native language; one from Russia, one from Kenya, and one from Vietnam. For everyone else in the class there’s at least one other person who speaks their mother tongue! Although, quite a few of them speak a little English (for example, the 3 I give rides home to) so between French and English we make it through. Although I’m getting better at just relying on the French.

There’s this one guy (he’s married with children…don’t get any ideas) who jokes around a lot. We’ve been talking about food and nutrition the past few classes and he says he’s ham. Or a ham. Basically, he is a big ham :D. And people say women talk a lot! The guys don’t stop talking! They’re always joking around, it’s like elementary school all over again, but it’s fun. We all still learn and even though there is sometimes giggling when we try to pronounce things and do it wrong and have to try a million times (it happens to everyone), it’s all in good fun and we know that our turn for messing up will come! Everybody’s really friendly. I can’t remember everyone’s names yet, partly because the name part goes by fast, partly because they are names I’m not familiar with, and partly because everyone has some sort of accent that makes it hard for me to catch what is name and what is other stuff sometimes. And I wouldn’t even  know where to begin spelling the one’s I do sort of remember!

So basically, it’s becoming something that I can look forward too instead of be super nervous about.

Also, I just spent the last couple hours chatting with my friend Bronwyn via Skype. It’s amazing how time flies. We couldn’t use video because it said the internet connection wasn’t good enough. She said she doesn’t have very good internet, but it was still nice to hear her voice. So…By 9pm or so (3pm your time) I’m usually free. If you happen to be online and want to Skype with me look me up! I’m listed as living in Belgium. Just search my name and Belgium (Wasseiges) and you should find me!

I went for another walk today. I figured out the route I’ve been taking is about 5kms or so (give or take .5km). That’s a nice hour long trek to make a few times a week (everyday would be great!). I just stick in my headphones and off I go! It’s pretty chilly again, so I’ve got my hoodie tied up and my jacket hood and scarf and mits…the only thing I’m missing is my snow pants (that I was sort of considering because the wind gets pretty nippy…but there’s no snow). It really feels like it takes no time at all and once you get off the main road there’s not much traffic.

Oh! One other thing I wanted to mention is the difference between town signs here and in Canada. 

<–   Welcome to Wasseiges! (All town signs are similar)

Goodbye Wasseiges    –> 

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