Oliver? No, everyone-ver!

Ok. So I know my title will only make sense to Greg, Adeline, and me so I will explain it. A couple days ago Adeline went grocery shopping and picked up 3 DVDs for 5 euros each. One was The Breakfast Club, Oliver, and a French film that I can’t remember the name of. So when she was telling Greg at supper about these movies Bastien heard Oliver and thought she said Holly-ver. So he started saying Mama-ver, Papa-ver, Sylvain-ver, Bastien-ver…It was one of the cutest things he’s done so far. We laughed quite a bit. Of course there’s also the issue of my name and ‘au lit’ (which means ‘to/in bed’). One night they spent the time helping him differentiate vowels between my name and to bed. Sometimes I still get confused because I think I hear my name, but no, they’re just saying it’s time to go to bed.

Today Adeline and Greg went to the theatre so I was with the boys for the afternoon and for bed. Mind you, they left during nap time so there were no teary goodbyes from Bastien. He knew they were going though, so it wasn’t a surprise when he woke up. It was easier than the last time. I assume that with practice and with Bastien getting more comfortable with me it will be easier. Or at least I’ll have a rhythm down better the more I do it!

Tonight when I was changing Bastien into his pajamas, he found something extremely funny and had this great laugh/giggle going on. Oh! I remember what it was. I was putting his pants on and said something like ‘left foot, ok now right foot’ and he goes ‘no left!’. As if both were left. And I said ‘no, it’s not possible!’ This went on for a while, he was laughing his head off. Also, when we were watching a movie Sylvain was talking and he did this little giggle and Bastien thought it was funny and started laughing. He’s been really great and gentle with Sylvain the last couple of days. He’s wanted to hold Sylvain more than when I first got here and he’ll give him kisses with lots of care. It’s adorable.

For his stories tonight we read two Diego books. He loves Diego. He even said ‘thank you’ in English (after prompting from me). Because of course here Diego is in French teaching English (instead of in English teaching Spanish). The first one was about sea creatures and erupting volcanoes…I made a big deal out of (very dramatic like, you know how I am) and he got right into it. It was great, lots of fun. He wanted more stories, but I knew that if I let him we’d be reading stories all night. Of course he didn’t want to go to bed (but this time there were no tears :D) so I said I was going to sleep in his bed. Then he followed me in his room because that wasn’t right! He went to bed easily after that. I had put Sylvain in his bed so that I could read with Bastien without distraction and when I was done with Bastien, Sylvain was asleep. Woohoo!

So, good day today all in all. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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