Where did my slipper go?

Today was a normal day. The sun was shining, it was lovely! I was going to go on another long walk, but I got busy organizing my music folders on my computer! And I ran out of time. It’s so great because Bastien is really starting to warm up to me. Now the only problem is his age where everything is ‘no’. Or at least the opposite of what you say.

For Christmas he got this backpack-on-wheels deal (you know, with the handle, where it’s like luggage and school bag…) from his Grandparents for when he goes to school. The thing is, it’s too big for him right now, so they’ve been conditioning him into thinking it’s for vacations so that he won’t want to take it to school. So whenever he starts playing with it they say ‘bonne vacances!’. It’s working, which is a good thing.

Now on to something completely different (but related, I promise!). Greg wanted to see my room because he hadn’t seen it since I changed it, so we all went inside. Since my suitcase isn’t as hidden anymore, Bastien saw it right away. He had his bag with him and he asked me (very nicely and with ‘please’) if I would go on a vacation with him, with my suitcase. It was the cutest thing ever!! So cute (si mignon)! So basically we spent the next half hour or so walking between the living room and the library/office with our suitcases. We would be in the living room and he would say we’re landing now (and make some airplane noises). Then I was showing him my lock, but he got tired of that and decided he wanted to take one of my slippers…I have no idea why. I didn’t make it easy on him, he had to work for it! I said I was sad and that my foot was cold and eventually he went and brought it back for me (he had put it in his toy room). Then he took it a second time, but didn’t get it until I had taken one of his and Adeline came to put him to bed. It was fun playing with him, I laughed a lot. He gives good hugs. And he still has that great smile! Yesterday he even posed with his train set for a picture! He doesn’t like getting his picture taken very much anymore (since Sylvain was born).

So don’t worry, all is well I have both my slippers and my feet are warm (thanks Grandma Doris!!!). Hope the start to everyone’s weekend is as great as mine. ^_^ This pictures makes my feet look really small…

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