Sick >_<

Hello all!

So unfortunately things aren’t going very well at the moment. Poor Greg and Adeline are both quite sick and today in my French class I had a headache to beat the band. After taking something for it I started to feel better, but right now my eyes hurt…I think that means I will go to bed. Poor Greg has to spend all day tomorrow outside, I hope he doesn’t get any worse, it’s NO fun being sick.

In other news, today I went on another long walk, this time by myself with my music. It was great and I want to keep it up everyday, if possible, at least during the week. I was out for an hour…I’m not exactly sure of the distance. I believe it was listed in the book of mapped out walks of the area that Adeline bought from the City Hall, but when I looked at what I thought was the distance, it seemed WAY to long for the time it took me. Woah long sentence. I do that a lot. And a lot of the times they don’t really make sense. I guess that’s why editing is so important because writing how you think/talk doesn’t work very well half the time! Bah, sickness. Vision starting to blur…guess that means I really should go to bed.

Is there still lots of snow in Canada? Just curious…I keep forgetting we’re in the middle of winter…it feels like March half the time. But even though there’s no snow here there is still a bite in the wind on most days; scarves and mittens still required, hats optional, but hoods are good to keep the rain off.

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  1. Victoria Hunter

     /  January 25, 2011

    Hey! It’s freezing here in Canada. A couple of days ago it was -12 but felt like -20 with the wind chill. Brrrrrr

    I’ve been keeping up with your blog. I really enjoy reading it and hope that many more exciting things happen while you’re there.


    • Thanks! At least you have lots of coffee and other hot drinks to keep you warm! Hopefully soon I’ll have some more interesting stuff to write about, lol. Mainly, I just want to make sure I post something everyday. I’ve kind of made it a competition with myself, so most of the time there really isn’t anything interesting. I’m also thinking of inputting some of my thoughts on different things..maybe…when I feel like it ;). Hope this term goes great for you!

  2. Diane Roth

     /  January 24, 2011

    Hi Holly:
    Not sure about the rest of Canada, especially New Dundee area, but what you describe as winter, is what we, in BC, have every winter, maybe a bit warmer. Most of the time, I do not need my winter coat, no gloves and no scarf. I love it. Only have worn my winter coat 3 times so far this winter, which is more than usual, but this is a colder winter than usual. Oh by the way, I noticed this morning, that my daffodils are starting to come up already. Thought you might be interested in that bit of trivia.
    Love Aunt Diane

    • Gah! I’m glad you like mild winters, but I would miss snow WAY too much! I mean, there are times in February/March when it seems to drag on forever, but really, if there’s no green, I like white (and red, yellow, and orange of course ;)). And in Ontario at least it’s cold with a lot of snow right now! For me it helps me appreciate summer all the more ^_^. But whatever floats your boat. Glad you like it out there, although we miss you back home!

  3. inara

     /  January 24, 2011

    hello holly……..yeah we have lottsa snow and cold cold temp….-24 here feeling much colder with the wind chill factor……..hope everyone their gets over their sickness quickly……..lottsa nast flu going around here too…..take care ,Inara………..starting the new biscuit tomorrow at work…..just one more thing to add to our menu…………Inara

    • Good luck! Some times I think there’s just too much on the menu, but I guess you want to be able to cater to everyone. Stay warm!


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