Movie Night

This morning I was woken up because a policeman was here to see me. Haha, no, I haven’t done anything wrong, he was just coming to see me because I’m living here. They do that with anyone who moves into the area. He asked Adeline a few questions, looked at my passport, and was done!

Also, tonight was the first night that I was by myself with both Bastien and Sylvain. Adeline and Greg went out to see a movie. They haven’t really done that since Bastien was born I believe, so they really appreciated being able to go. Bastien ate all his dinner and was quite good considering. I read him two stories and put him to bed. He wanted a third, but Sylvain had been crying for quite some time and I needed to check on him. I got Bastien in bed with relatively minimal crying and all was well.

The I fed Sylvain again and tried to get him to go to sleep. I tried sitting upstairs with him and rocking, but he was just in a conversational mood and didn’t want to go to sleep. He was still awake around 11 when they got home. Still awake and still ‘talking’. It’s cute, but not really when you want him to sleep ;).

All in all it was a good night. I’m learning more and more and understanding more and more everyday.

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