Today Adeline went shopping with a friend. She took Sylvain with her and so it was just me and Bastien. It went well I think. He likes to yell inside and pull hair, so when he yelled (essentially in my ear because I was changing him), I yelled back. He didn’t like it and told me so. I told him that if he was going to yell at me I was going to yell at him. It was the same with the hair. He pulled mine, I pulled his (not hard of course, just enough to get the point across). I think it helped get a bit of the message across that yelling and pulling hair is not good. When we went for our walk though he was making all kinds of noise and I let him because we were outside.

So, other than that today was pretty normal. Almost another week has gone by. I’ve almost been here a month! Crazy. Oh and we had fish for dinner. Hence the title ^_^.

Here are the pics of yesterdays trek through the woods, like I promised:

Here are a couple of pics I promised from my Rain post:


These are hot and they have clumps of sugar inside! So good. You can buy other ones that are cold almost everywhere.

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