Darn camera…

Hello all! Today was another great day. We had to go to Louvain-la-Neuve again, and while Adeline was in her appointment, Bastien and I went for a walk in the woods by her Mom’s place. It was only about 32 min, but it was fun. Sometime this year I would like to explore those trails a little more.

Also, my camera is misbehaving…oh, it still works, but the pixels in the screen are dying (or something like that). Basically there’s this black line that keeps getting longer and thicker. It’ s not too big right now, but apparently it’s just going to keep getting worse so I have to email Samsung and see if I can send it somewhere for them to fix. It sucks, but these things happen. At least I brought the receipt with me!

This afternoon during Bastien’s nap Adeline and I watched Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang. It was cute. Not as good as the first, but cute. What I don’t get is why Ewan McGregor played the part of the father who is away at war when he’s only in two scene’s. He did a good job in those two scenes, it just seems a little much to have such a big actor play such a small role. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Maybe he just really likes Nanny McPhee…who knows.

Pictures from our walk with be forthcoming tomorrow because I want to go to bed.

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