Tonight for supper Adeline and I made Kraus Goulash (I think that’s what she called it, I can’t remember now!). It’s a Hungarian dish (Adeline’s Grandmother on her Father’s side was originally from Hungary) and it involved a lot of sour kraut…which I do not like. I know, I know, coming from a mostly German background the idea of me not liking sour kraut seems sort of wrong, but it’s the truth :P. Now, in this goulash, it didn’t taste like the sour kraut I’m used to! Which was good, because then I ate it. It was pretty good. I helped chop up the meat and then I basically just stirred the pot, but at least I didn’t burn it!

We went for a walk again today and we passed Bastien’s future school and met one of the teachers. We also fed those deer that I talked about in New Year’s Eve Day . The big male one kept stealing all the bread and chasing away the others. Whenever he was occupied we would try to feed the baby, but there were three others that just kept butting their way in there. When we were finished and the male was sticking his head through the fence clearly wanting more, Bastien sternly told him that he had too much and wouldn’t get anymore! At least that’s what I got from it…there was definitely something about too much in his speech.

Anyway, I have to come up with a good way to end these posts, but right now I’m just too tired.

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