On my own…

… pretending he’s beside me…

Ok. Enough with the musical references, sorry :P. Today we went to the bank to figure out what was wrong with my debit card. It worked at the bank machines, but it wouldn’t work any time I would try to use it in a store. Turns out this is because I am now 25! The account I had was for young people, but since I just had my birthday last week, I need a different account. It was all taken care of there and I have a new card. We just couldn’t figure out what was wrong!

I also had a letter to mail and so after going to the bank Adeline went home (which is right across from the bank) and I took the boys to the small grocery store in Wasseiges and to the post office. I bought sausages all on my own. I had already asked Adeline what the French was for ‘I would like’ and I said that and told the clerk that I only spoke a little French. He asked me (in French) where I was from, so I told him. He was very nice. He opened the door for me when I was going in and leaving, on account of the stroller and the step. Now, I forgot this at the time, but I could have  just kept walking in that direction till I got to the Police Station/City Hall where there is a red post box and dropped my letter in there. But like I said I forgot, so we walked back towards the house (and in the direction of the post office). Now, I’ve only been to the post office once, so I actually went down the wrong road. We got past the bakery and I was all ‘Oh! This is the wrong way!’. I quickly remedied the situation and we were soon going down the right street. Bastien put my letter in the box for me and we were on our way home.

That’s about all the excitement for today!

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