So today it rained. Again. 😛 This is a common occurence in Belgium, but I’ve been told it does not rain as much as in England. Good news though, it’s not supposed to rain this weekend! I have to say, my rain jacket has so far been one of my most valuable purchases for this year! (Thank you Mom ;))

Today Adeline, Sylvain, and I went to Louvain-la-Neuve. I got to see Adeline’s Dad for the first time since 1997! It was great. We talked choir stuff, lots of fun. Before that we went shopping. It is Greg’s birthday tomorrow after all ^_^. I got to try a real Belgian waffle…I forgot to take a picture! I’ll have to get one on Saturday again when we go back :D. I mean, it looks like a waffle…but the kiosk where you buy them is so cute ^_^. All the stores in the mall have these amazing sales on till the end of the month and it was nice to just take our time walking around because there weren’t that many other people there…in comparison to the first time I went!

Tonight I went up with Adeline to give the boys their baths. Adeline left because she had to go to the bathroom and when she came back I had things pretty much under control so she left again. I managed to get Bastien’s hair washed, him out of the tub, and in his pj’s with less effort than last time. He still cries when I’m helping him (only with some stuff), but we’re making good progress. He knows he has to let me help, but he’s going to let me know he doesn’t always like it! At dinner I mentioned that I had fun with the baths…it’s been a few days since I’ve helped (it’s nice to wash Sylvain because he doesn’t cry at me ;)). Greg said they were really going to enjoy this year. I hope so, that’s what I’m here for! They can go to the movies now and lots of other things. Yeah for built-in babysitters.

Bastien is a good kid, really, it’s just he’s 2 1/2 now so…you all know what that means! But really, I’m having a great time and I’m starting to be able to have more conversation with him which is good. And of course I’m learning some really cute kids songs. I need to learn more!

T-minus less than 48 hours till ‘Wine and Cheese’ party!

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