Happy Birthday!

Ok. So because of the wonderful world of different times zones, I’m technically NOT late in getting this post up. I’ve still managed to post everyday. Now, I had in mind this wonderfully long, informative post planned, but as it is almost 1am here I need to go to bed. I would have had my post up, but I got a webcam for my birthday and wanted to Skype my family and we talked longer than I had planned.

I will leave you with some enticements to check back in tomorrow; we went to this Italian restaurant (a REAL one, not your local version of East Side Mario’s) and then visited the brewery that makes the Troll beer I had (back in the post Belgian…beer?) for a birthday treat. So come back tomorrow for a detailed account of the evening, pictures included!

Au revoir!

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  1. Inara

     /  January 12, 2011

    Hey their sorry………..this is a belated happy birthday……..and looking on here,proves you had a awesome birthday…..and great taste testing beer….oh and a web cam…….also a line to say we have skype here so u can add us and one day I will see your face again…….your friend Inara


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