Today Adeline and I took Bastien (and little Sylvain) to the ‘Chateau Magique’ (or Magic Castle). It’s an indoor play area. The section we played in was for children under 4 and the parents could go in it as well. In the bigger section for the older kids, there were no parents allowed! On the way there Bastien was singing a  song about the Chateau Magique, it was very cute. That and one about a little duck by the water. After that we went to Louvain-la-Neuve to meet Greg and his brother. We first tried to buy some shoes for Bastien, but in the end didn’t get any.

When we met the guys for lunch, we went to this place called Onlywood, a mexican type restaurant. They had a bunch of salads and drinks that were named after famous Actors/Actresses and Movies (like Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’). After lunch Jean-Phillipe (Greg’s brother) took us to his kot (dorm room/residence) and gave Bastien his Christmas presents. Greg explained to me that a lot of the kot’s  have projects (I think that’s what he said), and his brother’s was cooking. So his kot would cook the food for special events. Another kot would be responsible for planning special events, another for tutoring school children, another for helping out with handicap people, and so on. I believe he said living in these kots made the rent cheaper.  Also, it gives the students something to do other than study and drink beer!

After that was nap time (for the boys, although I’m always tempted now to take one as well!), then supper and now here I am writing. Tomorrow we begin the regular schedule and my French class begins January 10 (the day before my birthday). Adeline asked what I wanted to do for my birthday (she thought I was turning 26, but I said no, 25) since it’s an important one. I told her I didn’t know (especially since it’s during the week), and she said we could go out to dinner, which I thought was great, especially since on the 15 we’re having a combined wine and cheese party for Greg and I (whose birthday is the 14). Anyway, more to come on the wine and cheese after it happens!

That’s basically all today. We took some time to get our schedule organized this afternoon and tomorrow it officially starts!

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  1. Dominique (Adelin's Father)

     /  January 8, 2011

    Hi Holly,

    Nice to hear your stay in Belgium sarted well.

    I was amazed to hear your story about the “Chateau Magique”.
    I introduced it to Bastien during Christmas hollidays. At that time is was snowing like hell and the ground outside was covered white.

    The sing Bastien song wasn’t something like this?
    “On va bien…. s’amuser… au chateau Magic….. oui …oui oui… oui oui ”

    I bet it was!

    I am coming back in Belgium next week but too late for you birthday.

    See you soon.

    • I think it was. I can’t remember. Thanks for reading! No problem about my birthday. It’ll be great to see you again. I have that panda with me that you and Charles bought at the Toronto airport. Because I through a fit at Medieval Times when someone won a bear and gave it to Lisa :D. Anyway, talk to you later!


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