Pomme de terre

Today I slept in….it was wonderful. I also had an unplanned nap this afternoon. I was trying to read and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. One thing led to another and the next thing I know Adeline is knocking on my door to tell me their friend is here! We broke out the Ice Cider (from Quebec) that I brought. It is very tasty. You can definitely smell apple, and taste it too. If you’ve never had it (tonight was my first time), it tastes somewhat like wine, but with the apple flavour. It is best served chilled, with foie gras (which we had on New Year’s Eve) or many other things. If you’ve never had it and are interested, it can be found at your local LCBO; Domaine Pinnacle – Ice Cider.  It comes in a silver and blue container.

For dinner we had this wonderful dish with potatoes, ham, and cheese: Tartiflette. It was a very rich cheese, very yummy. I even helped peel and slice the potatoes! Mom, you should be proud, this is the second night I’ve helped prepare dinner. Mind you, all I did the first time was peel and cut carrots, and tonight just the potatoes, but it’s a start.

When I got here Adeline gave me this little notebook that says: What did you say? Je n’ai pas compris! (‘I don’t understand’). In it I’m writing down words and phrases in both English and French so that I can start to remember things better. For example: Tu dois demander/You have to ask. This is for Bastien to remind him to ask if he wants to come in my room, and lots of other things. C’est ca/That’s it, a common phrase I heard a lot on New Year’s Eve. Soother is tu-tute, and Bastien’s blanket is a dou-dou (a dou-dou is anything that a child likes a lot; for some a blanket, others a teddy bear, etc.) Also, something that will probably get very confusing for me are these words: ver/verre/vert/vers. They are all pronounced the same, but all mean different things: warm/glass/green/to (direction). I’m glad I have them written down!

As you can see, today has been rather low-key, which was nice. Tomorrow there is more planned, but I’ll just keep you in suspense!

ps – sorry, no pictures today 😛

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