Yes that’s right. You all thought that Belgium was most known for its chocolate (which, I guess, at least in Canada, it is), but what you might not know is that it’s also known for its beer. Jean-Go tells me that there are about 1000 different types of beer here. It’s served cold and each type/flavour/whatever has its own glass. I tried one tonight and it was actually quite good! It definitely went down easier than the beer at home. The beer was called Troll. The best way to drink it (and all beer) is in a glass. My glass had the Troll logo on it. And no, I wasn’t at a restaurant or a bar, this was at home. Greg told me that Belgians usually all have a favourite kind and just drink that. I guess it might take me a while to find mine! Jean-Go also says that each beer actually has its own temperature that it tastes best at. Obviously because you can’t have a fridge set to different temperatures, they’re all just the same cold. I also had wine with dinner last night, white wine. We had lots of cheese as well! More to come on wine and cheese around January 15.

Today they took me Louvain-la-Neuve, a university city about 30 minutes away from my new home town of Wasseiges. We walked by the only Subway that Adeline knows of in Belgium. They said that the only fast food chains from North America are Subway and McDonald’s, but there’s a Belgian chain that is quite good (although I can’t remember the name. I’ll get back to you on that). This city is only about 30 (?) years old, and was basically built around the University. It is only in the last little while that the number of regular citizens out numbers the number of students living there (sort of remind anyone of Waterloo with the two Universities?). Anyway, we went to the mall there (which is also the only large size mall around for a while) and I bought shoes! They’re really cute. I wanted the black one’s, but there were none in my size so I went for the tan. Before going to the mall, Adeline, Sylvain, and I stopped at her other brother’s house. That’s Charles, he’s the one that gave me the panda beanie toy when he was in Canada….almost 14 years ago! I met his wife and they were both very, very nice.

I also played with Bastien for a while today (which was hard because of the language barrier). He’s the most articulate 2.5 year old I know! I feel like he might think I’m ignoring him when he talks to me, because of course, he doesn’t understand that I don’t speak the same language as him….yet! He has the most amazing laugh.

So, to end, while France has amazing wine, Belgium has great beer! So does Germany, but I hear they drink theirs warm and I don’t know if I could handle that. (Greg was very adamant that cold beer is the only way to go…having only had Canadian beer cold or semi-warm, I have to agree). Also, having tried one kind of Belgian beer (and I’m sure I’ll be able to try many more), Canadian beer will be lost on me. Not that that’s a bad thing or that I drank that much in the first place. Don’t worry, I’m not going to drink that much. One, once in a while isn’t all that bad, and I’m experiencing culture!


Well, I guess that’s it for today. A few firsts, there will be many more.

Signing off,



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