3rd Wind

So I’m having what I’m going to call my 3rd wind of the day…..make that the last almost, well, 32 hours I guess…..8am December 28-9:44pm (Belgium time) *3:45 Toronto time* December 29. Wow, it’s been a long day!

I decided since I had more time, that I would take care of some things. This mostly means updating my Facebook status (watched ‘The Social Network’ on the flight…I had NO IDEA all that stuff was going on with FB! and I still remember when it was selective and you had to have a university or college email to get on), and this blog. It’s a lot easier than writing an email. I still have to go through and create an email list that I’ll send this link to, which I’m kind of avoiding at this second.

Bastien is so, so, so, so, so adorable. Poor Sylvain’s sick I think, he’s been crying all day. He’s going to see the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully everything is ok. Today’s game of the day was running around with this long rope and getting one of us adults to hang onto the other end. Sometimes it was tug of war, other times just running behind Bastien with the rope in between…..all through the house :D. He had the greatest time. Who needs toys; just give kids a length of rope or a huge cardboard box and they’ll have fun for days, maybe even weeks! I took some great pics of my room, I have to get more of the rest of the house. I love the basement! It’s not finished, it’s just old; over 100 years old, and it looks really small when you walk down there but then you see all the doors and there’s actually a lot of space. You could have a couple spare rooms…..or use them for storage.

In other news, I think tomorrow is going to be my first experience of driving in a foreign country. We’re just jumping right in here. Also, they have a piano so I can keep on practicing…not like I was practicing much before.


Getting really tired all of a sudden. Can’t keep my eyes open. How bad is my spelling? because I can’t see what I’m typing I’m so tired. Mass email will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry.



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