So soon…

In a little over 18 hours I will be on a plane headed for Brussels. This is HUGE! I still have quite a few things to do tomorrow, but most of  my packing is done…

I guess the question is: why am I still up at 12:42 am on the day I’m leaving? No good reason really. I’m quite tired, but sort of anxious/excited as well. I really wanted to get this blog set up so I could get started as soon as something interesting happens. I’m actually (at this moment in at least) looking forward to this whole ‘blogging’ thing.

I still have to change what this looks like and all that jazz, but for now I think I’ll go to bed. At least the preliminary stuff is set up.




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  1. Inara

     /  December 28, 2010

    good luck holly……will miss having break conversations with you……will be reading your blog……….safe trip………and have a fantastic time…….Inara

    • Thanks! It’s wierd not seeing you guys (am I spelling that right, lol. I’ve been doing it a lot and some how it just looks wrong….), but I’m having a great time so far.

  2. Sandra

     /  December 28, 2010

    I look forward to reading all about your exploits! I know a couple who have moved to India for a few years (he’s teaching, she’s studying the language), and they have a blog up too. They have monkeys. Everywhere, there are monkeys.

    I wonder if there are things as interesting as monkeys in Belgium? 🙂 You’ll have to keep me informed.

    • Oh, I would say the 1000 flavours of beer is much more interesting than monkeys! You can read a little about that on my latest post ‘Belgian…Beer?’. I’m glad your going to be checking in! Enjoy ^_^.


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